E. H. Taylor Bourbon Whiskey

E H Taylor Bourbon Whiskey

E. H. Taylor Bourbon Whiskey

Now in Stock – Hard to find Colonel E. H. Taylor Bourbon Whiskey! We have the Barrel 127.5 proof, Single Barrel 100 proof, and Small Batch 100 Proof.After the Civil War, “Colonel” E.H. Taylor, Jr. purchased a Frankfort, Kentucky distillery and called it “Old Fire Copper” or O.F.C., in a nod to the copper kettles commonly used for distilling whiskey in Europe. O.F.C. was later sold to George T. Stagg, and, nearly 100 years later, was renamed Buffalo Trace.

In addition to his eponymous line of bourbon, E.H. Taylor, Jr. is best known for his work on the Bottled-in-Bond Act of 1897. Anything labeled “Bottled-in-Bond” means the bourbon is made by one distiller at one distillery in one distilling season (one year), has been aged for four or more years, and has been bottled at 100 proof. E.H. Taylor, Jr. Small Batch is Bottled In Bond.

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